HyperFlow - patented hydraulic technology

With HyperFlow you can increase your security while reducing maintenance costs

What exactly is HyperFlow®?

  • The newly developed and patented HyperFlow® technology automatically controls the synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders of your parking system.
  • At each full lifting the pressure of the hydraulic oil between the cylinders is getting equalized, eliminating the replenishment of hydraulic oil as well as ensuring an optimal and permanent synchronization of the parking system at any time.

What’s your benefit?

HyperFlow® creates even more safety

  • Irregularities in lifting, which could occur with conventional hydraulic lifts over time and at irregular maintenance, are no longer an issue with HyperFlow®
  • An optimal and permanent synchronized lift is provided at any time. The synchronization is automatically set at all times during operation.

HyperFlow® increases your productivity

  • The cylinders synchronize themselves and the pressure compensation of the hydraulic oil takes place in the background without any interaction from you in some way or the need to shut down the parking system for maintenance.
  • Any manual and time-consuming adjustment to ensure synchronization are no longer required.
  • Automatic „bleeding“ of the hydraulic system occurs during operation meaning that time consuming procedures for “bleeding” the hydraulic system are no longer required.
  • No more replenishing hydraulic oil. The use of maintenance-intensive wearing parts is minimized.

A parking system with HyperFlow® is more flexible and last longer while offering an increased ease of use.

In which parking systems is the new HyperFlow technology deployed?

  • Our parking system Storeparker N2102 already comes with the newly developed HyperFlow technology.
  • From December onwards 2015 Quadroparker N4902 as another parking system will use our patented HyperFlow technology.

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