Fully automated in-ground parking

The Nussbaum Smart Parker Max is used for fully automated parking on 4 to 6 tiers, in-ground.

Drivers park and retrieve their cars in a transfer area at ground floor. A vertical lift transports the vehicles on pallets to the parking tiers. A steel structure or concrete floors form the framework to support these pallets. Pallets can be arranged in different variants and with several handover areas depending on the local project needs.

Turntables installed at the handover area or the parking tiers will rotate cars in order to position them in driving direction, allowing drivers to proceed immediately forward.

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  • Fully automated parking system
  • Variable pallet dimensions (width up to 280 cm, length up to 600 cm)
  • Platform capacity of up to 3.0 t
  • 4 to 6 parking tiers
  • Space saving parking concept
  • Modular concept to adapt to space requirements
  • Easy-to-operate and convenient
  • Secure against vandalism and theft
  • Modular concept to adapt to space requirements