Fully automated parking on up to 13 tiers, above ground level

The Nussbaum Parktower Multi is the ideal solution for public parking on several tiers. Depending on local conditions, additional tiers can be built below ground level as pit version. Innovative payment methods and state-of-the-art access systems ensure a maximum level of convenience for car drivers.

A lifting system with pallets to tranport vehicles from the handover area to the parking tiers is placed in the middle of the Park-Tower Multi. In general, the handover area to park or retrieve cars is located at the ground floor.

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  • Optimized space utilization and high storage density
  • Modular concept to be adaptable according to project requirements (e.g. number of tiers, number of parking spaces or size of floor space)
  • Easy-to-operate and convenient
  • Secure against vandalism and theft
  • Individual façade design including usage for advertising purposes
  • Integrated payment and access systems if required