Flexibly turn vehicles in narrow surroundings

Easily turn your car with our turntables in narrow areas like courtyards, garages or access roads to courtyards where it is almost impossible to maneuver. 360° turns to the left or the right are possible. Moreover, the surface of our turntables can be smoothly blended with your local site. 

  • Diameter of turntable between 450 cm for 1 vehicle and 620 cm for 2 vehicles
  • Width of space 250 cm and length of space 500 cm
  • Platform capacity between 2.5 t and 3.0 t
  • Individual design of surface

Turntables  N6501

Turntable for 1 car with a diameter of 450 cm

Turntables N6601

Turntable for up to 2 cars with a diameter of 620 cm